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Branding Services.

Branding Services.

Need branding services? We offer great branding packages for any size business.

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Branding Services by Graphicwise

Why is branding so important for your business?

Branding Services by Graphicwise - Vietnam and USA

Companies who use consistent branding experience 23% more revenue.

Branding Services by Graphicwise Vietnam

54% of consumers expect consistent branding across all platforms and collateral.

Branding Services in HCM Vietnam

89% of marketers say brand awareness should be a company’s primary goal.

Branding Services by Graphicwise vietnam

Over 6.6 brand impressions are needed for consumers to remember you.

Some notable clients we have worked with worldwide.

Graphicwise Clients - Most Famous Clients Worldwide
Graphicwise Clients - Most Famous Clients Worldwide

Our Process.

We take a detailed approach to designing a company’s brand, making sure every detail is well thought out and planned. We know the importance of first impressions, and are confident in creating an unforgettable experience for your business and your customers.

Branding Services Process

“Graphicwise understands design, and are experts in consumer psychology as it relates to branding and packaging design. I highly recommend them.”

Nicole Ortega, Nestle

“We are extremely happy with the work you guys did on the iconography and user interface design. Thanks guys. We’ll definitely use your services in the future.”

Geoff Harmon, Konica Minolta

“We couldn’t be any happier with Graphicwise’s exceptional work on our small business outreach brochures! Thanks for everything.”

Jamie Spencer, USPS

“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Graphicwise. They are very talented, creative, and possess foresight in making every project a success.”

Linda Harrison, Bank of America

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Graphicwise Vietnam - Branding and Digital Marketing
Graphicwise Vietnam - Branding and Digital Marketing

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