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10 Tips For Digital Marketing In Covid-19

#1. Do Digital Business Transformation

If you have a traditional business – an offline shop, then you will notice that your customers surely do full research before purchasing. People start to spend more time on the Internet, and obviously, search traffic has increased significantly. It is your disadvantage to not have an online shop or website in this season. Create one immediately if you do not have one. Remember to make it friendly to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for staying in Google top results pages (SERPs). By this way, people can find your business easily.

#2. Visualize On Social Media

Coronavirus social isolation is changing people’s lives, whether the test result is positive or negative. We are much more cautious and keep ourselves and our children staying at home and refusing all outdoor activities. As people spend most of their time staying at home, and of course, on social media, it is an opportunity for your company / your brand to pop up. Avoid all sales messages at this moment, instead, show them your empathy and support to the community.

#3. Use Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising is an online advertising model that payment is made on each click on your online ads by users. That means, when your company runs PPC, you are only charged when your advertisements are clicked. You might ask, why you need to use PPC advertising. In covid-19 time, most people work and stay at home for safety; then their time of using the internet is increasing, for work, education, shopping and entertaining. Using PPC in this moment to connect with your customers and your potential leads. You can consider PPC as your competitive advantage with its easy launch, low budget and selective users. When all businesses try to cut their costs on marketing and advertising in this difficult time, running a PPC will bring you more attention with low cost-per-click. This gives your business an opportunity to gain more market share.

#4. Build SEO Campaign

As mentioned above, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will make your business website on Google top results pages (SERPs) and increase your company organic traffic. However, standing in Google’s top result page is not simple and immediate. You need to set up a SEO campaign by analyzing your current website, researching your keywords, working on great content, doing on-page SEO, and monitoring and building topic relevance. SEO is a process, not an action. If you do not maintain your SEO campaign, you can not keep your website stand in Google top page. Although it is time-consuming, it is worth for your business to pop up when people search.

#5. Offer Special Promotion

It is an opportunity to show your empathy by offering special promotion in this season, especially necessity business. In hard time, people do not stop spending, they just spend less. Therefore, you could create offers for your current market or new market that you want to reach. Do not forget to analyze and set up goals for the promotion before launching, as well as measuring its result. It is great to combine the offering with PPC and social media.

#6. Improve Local SEO

More time staying at home means people spend more time on online shopping, but not everything could buy online. They would go out for food and necessities. Local shops and supplies are preferable. make your business local known by optimizing your website with “near me” searches. Besides, remember to add your business to google maps, so people can find your shop easier. Finally, do not forget to ask your current customers to write some positive reviews for your shop on Google Place.

#7. Adapt Your Business

In the situation that people are likely staying at home, you can not continue your traditional business operation as usual. You need a change. For instance, your shoes business sells shoes both online and offline. In this season, you can apply free shipping policy, provide free gift products, create new return and refund policy, do live-stream shopping, offer online launch for new arrivals … Depends on your business model, you can create more ideas. Do announce your customers about your company sanitation practice. It is time to make your customers remember your company and know that you are ready to serve.

#8. Prevent The Panic

Be calm in the panic, as you want your business to survive in this season. Worry and stress do not bring any help. Business still runs with employees working from home, a high sanitation workplace and unnecessary costs cut. Some businesses think digital marketing should stop in this time. It is a bad idea. Let’s spend more time on your digital data and metrics, and analyze before making any decision. Make a good move by implementing a smart digital marketing strategy.

#9. Improve Your Social Media

Use this down time as a chance to change your business operation or renew it. Do your company have an instagram account? When was the last time your website updated? Are there any to-do activities you missed? Improve your social media such as the website, Facebook fanpage, third-party websites and applications… If you do not optimize SEO, it is time to do.

#10. Prepare For The Bounce Back

The outbreak will end soon, after a few months. If you do nothing now and wait until it ends, you might be lost to your competitors. Plan, plan and plan for any scenarios you can think, so you can react better. Use the down time as time for reflecting and improving your business. Spend money wisely. For SEO, it is a long-term marketing strategy, you can spend less but not pausing it. Your action today would affect your organic traffic and revenue in the next few months, so be cautious.

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