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What PR and Marketing should do in Covid-19 time

The world is devastated by Covid-19 – known as coronavirus – with tightened policies and social isolation. It affects and changes all the world, especially business. It concerns people and makes them stress. People tend to buy necessities and ignore the advertisements, TCV or product launches. In your business, should you continue to spend money for them? In this writing, we will find out how it affects PR and Marketing in business.

How does Covid-19 affect your business?

Corona virus -PR and Marketing during the Covid-19 season

Business stays dull in the covid-19 season with sales being low. Usual PR and marketing strategies are not effective in this unusual time. The Reason is: People panic and they don’t put attention on business anymore. Any messages sent at this moment is annoying and would be ignored.

This is the solution. Consider some and create your own.

#1. Remote working

Work from home is a great solution at this time. Run your business remotely to reduce not only the virus spread but also some unnecessary costs. Meetings can be online too through video conferencing or webinars. If this does not fit, you could consider applying rotational shift work or scheduling mandatory at-home days.

work at home

#2. Connect with your customers

Instead of sales messages, send your customers some useful tips or encouragement. For example, a financial company can send their customers tips on how to save money in the covid-19 season or SMEs can run sale in low profit to support community.

#3. Cut all avoidable costs

Press releases and premieres – great tools in PR strategies – now are a weight for your business. People don’t care and it is not the right time. You should cut all redundant costs and spend money wisely. Remember, cash is lifeblood of business.

#4. Follow your “missing” projects

We all have passion projects in business, but sometimes we don’t have enough time or people for them. It is a wonderful chance for us to comeback and follow them. You can continue to release books, update company blogs, renew the website, create video clips or just make new promotions. Leadership and organizational restructuring is also a worth idea too.

#5. Make your business “more online”

Replace PR events and sales launches by live conferencing published on company website, fanpage and youtube channel. Updating your Twitter, Instagram and online your chatting box. This is beneficial even the crisis disappears.

Focus on online services

# 6. Building social media

If your company does not have one, it is time to do. People spend more time on the internet so having social media is an advantage. Remember to update your information and news frequently.

#7. Optimize digital marketing

Double check your company blog, website, third-party websites or applications, and optimize them fully. Remember to remove bad backlinks and check SEO ranking. Display your content as most attractive as possible.

#8. Support community

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in this hard time will connect your brand and community much more closely and effectively. You can support the community with money, gifts, volunteer work, technology or any idea you have.
We believe these few strategies would help your business survive in this hard time. Besides, you could create some new ones that fits your company. As covid -19 might last longer than we expect, in this period, you should focusing on content for your brand and social media, which easily reached your target customers. Concentrate on content marketing to pull ahead of your competitors in business.

We wish your company safe during this hard season.

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