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5 tips to develop digital strategies in covid-19 time

A marketing strategist always ought to plan and be ready for any crisis or eruption. In the industry, you must be active to catch the trend. In coronavirus downtime, marketers have to review and adapt all campaigns to overcome this season.

Many businesses postpone or cancel their launching events, trade shows, annual meetings, festivals, concerts, conferences… in covid-19 time. Do you know, in February, event cancellation increased 500% all over the world. Mobile World Congress – scheduled to be held on February 24 to February 27 in Barcelona – must be cancelled because of the coronavirus. In March, the number of cancelled events was even higher, which costs businesses billions of dollars.

Phát triển chiến lược digital mùa dịch

How Do Businesses Set A Budget For Marketing In This Season?

Businesses – who depend on trade shows and traditional marketing methods – are decreasing their marketing budgets. According to Michael Nathanson – senior research analyst at MoffettNathanson, businesses cutting their marketing budgets would cause a loss of about 10.6% of the revenue, nearly 26 billion dollars. They should reallocate their budgets, especially for digital.

Businesses – who focus on digital development – are cutting costs for traditional marketing and spending more on digital and other activities. With only a portion of the budget, their websites still grow effectively. By using digital platforms – modern marketing methods, they could overcome difficult times much easier as well as measure job performance much productive.

It is difficult to measure accurately your return on investment (ROI) when using traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing methods help you learn insights through metrics such as visits per month, CPA, ROAS, CPL… If your business uses digital marketing, this is a great chance to adapt to the current situation.

How to maintain the competitive advantage? Many leading businesses around the world overcome this downtime and maintain their position with digital strategies.

5 Tips To Develop Digital Strategies In Covid-19 Time

#1. Create Online Conference And Seminars

Tổ chức hội nghị sự kiện trực tuyến

If your business events are affected by Covid-19, you can still connect with your customers and deliver more value. At IMPACT, instead of hosting Digital Sales & Marketing World, we organized a virtual conference: Digital Sales & Marketing Day, that attracted lots of participants. Therefore, creating online conferences and interactive conferences – extremely simple and advantageous – brings more value to your audience in this difficult time.

#2. Optimize Website Content

Tối ưu hoá nội dung website

Online shopping has changed customers’ buying behaviors. Assuring your keywords relates to your products and services, are updated frequently, and stays in appropriate content. Plus, remember to check Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your website and content to maintain top search results. Besides, you should create an attractive call to action (CTA) for your customers. If it is not powerful enough, you should consider to change.

#3. Update The News

Tạo nội dung về những gì đang diễn ra

Besides optimization, you ought to create many contents for each keyword. Do not forget publishing and updating them on social media. People update news daily, even hourly in this season. Taking advantage of this and turning it into an opportunity to create new subjects for blogs or weekly newsletters. Or building a website that helps your audience to update the news as soon as possible. You should find your audience interest and focus on that to build the contents.

#4. Interact With Customers On Social Media

Tương tác với khán gải trên mạng xã hội

Did you know, 79% of the American have at least a social media profile, and 62% of adults use social media to keep up to date with the latest news? It will be a disadvantage if you do not connect with your customers on social media. You could create an online event, do video clips or share files on social networking platforms to attract attention, reach your customers and gain comments. Selecting the most popular social platforms will gain you a plus.

#5. Make Video Clips

Tập trung vào nội dung video

The trend of video content has exploded in recent years. Do you know that creating videos now, on a computer, is easier than ever. “Video is the only content type that allows people to listen and learn about us. That’s why video is so different.”, said video strategy director Zach Basner.

Bored with normal writing, you can try with clips. Online video usage is various and they can share easily on websites and social media platforms. 78% of people watch videos every week and 55% watch videos online every day. Nowadays, people watch video not only for entertainment, but also for learning and sharing. Mostly will share what they find interesting to family and friends. Therefore, let’s apply video content in your digital marketing strategies immediately.
Additionally, you can mix video clips with social media by doing live stream video online. Be creative on your digital platform.

Understanding what is happening will help your business quickly adapt and overcome obstacles in the difficulties. Reallocating your marketing budget and implementing more digital strategies to stay ahead of the competition. Finally, the more time you spend for your strategies and optimization, the better results you receive.

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