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Marketing strategies to help businesses overcome the crisis by COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 is sweeping the world, and even if it goes through, the severe impact on Vietnam’s economy and the world is inevitable. How to minimize risks and increase development opportunities for businesses in this difficult period? That is the question that many headache managers.

Some of the marketing solutions below are suggestions to help businesses flexible strategies, optimize costs, maximize profits and maintain business efficiency at least in the time of the pandemic while increasing muscle Assembly development in the future.

#1. Review and optimize brand activities

Review and optimize brand activities - Marketing strategies

When a pandemic broke out, trading activities between customers and shops and businesses encountered many obstacles. The troubled economy has forced consumers to tighten spending and pay only for quality and truly necessary products. Therefore, according to habits and instincts, consumers often prefer to choose the brand’s products in the “top-of-mind” (the number one position in their minds). Businesses want to sell products at this time, so they need to focus on reviewing and optimizing their operations and brand recognition.

For customers to choose their products, businesses need to have a brand good enough for customers to “Know” – to recognize the brand, “Belief” – ​​to buy from the brand and “Love” – ​​to be loyal to That brand.

In summary, focusing on brand optimization is a strategy to quickly increase sales, especially on digital media such as websites, fan pages, mobile apps …

#2. Establish a market on the Internet

Establish a market on the Internet

Following recent decisions and directives of government agencies banning gatherings, closing some services and advising people to stay home to reduce the risk of coronavirus spread. Therefore, online communication, shopping, and information updates will increase more than usual. This is the golden time for businesses to prioritize the development of e-commerce and they have also realized the importance of e-commerce that businesses can not overlook, and should fully exploit to avoid missing out.

First, you need to revise your website to see if it meets the specifications, or is optimal. If you do not have a professional website, you should start building immediately, and you should conduct deployment and promote other channels to reach customers like Youtube, Facebook, Zalo,…

#3. Ad optimization

Ad optimization

The common mentality of businesses during the epidemic season is to cut down all advertising costs. However, these cuts need to be carefully considered by businesses because advertising has always been considered an effective channel to bring in high revenue.

From large businesses to small business individuals are using Facebook as an extremely effective sales tool.
Compared to the amount paid to run ads on Google Ads, Facebook Ads in some items bring a relatively high ROI compared to some other forms of advertising.

#4. Take PR articles for products and businesses

Take PR articles for products and businesses

From the day when the coronavirus broke out, most internet users in Vietnam updated information about the disease hourly and daily through reputable websites and large fan page. Creating PR articles that are topical at the same time integrating products and brands of businesses and putting them on appropriate online newspapers and fan pages is one way to promote brands and increase sales.

#5. Impressive and unique communication ideas

Impressive and unique communication ideas - Marketing strategies

One day, internet users are exposed to dozens, hundreds of advertisements, so what is the company’s social networking ad special to attract and come to their mind?

Differentiating points can start from the product title, can use the title with large font size, capital letters or with special characters to evoke customer curiosity and attention.

On the other hand, creating content and images related to coronavirus but no less unique, funny, rewarding and inspiring, … help customers easily recognize the convenience of the product, and at the same time making a lasting impression in their minds.

In addition, having to stay at home also makes customers feel mysterious, so creating images, status lines that describe their moods will help bring a good emotional state to customers. have sympathy and pay more attention to the products and services of the business.

#6. Content optimization

Content optimization

What do customers want and need to hear during this time? What value can an enterprise brand provide? Answering these questions will help administrators begin developing the content marketing strategies necessary to reach them.

If you can leverage the season to create new trends, and connect that trend with products/services, it is also considered a successful campaign for brand communication and business products. Karma. But if the business has not done that, then proactively catch up with new trends and at the same time provide customers with new information, new tastes, latest products, and best quality.

#7. Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing - Marketing strategies

The cost difference of a Referral marketing campaign and a traditional Marketing campaign is really incredible.

The referral marketing is more effective with more economical cost, moreover, customers tend to believe in the recommendation of friends and relatives rather than through media campaigns and brand advertising. So businesses can through their customers recommend products to their friends.

However, it is first necessary to select and build personal brands for your loyal customers. When there are objective customers, reputable and reliable, the business will receive the trust and choice of future customers.

Businesses can encourage customers with gifts, bonuses or other incentives when successfully introduced.

#8. Use video review

Use video review

Video marketing today is more popular and popular than using content and images. However, how to create videos that attract viewers and earn the trust of users also requires the subtlety and ingenuity of the business. If the business speaks well about its product, it will be considered as “advertising”, but customers who speak well about the product will be much more appreciated for the truth.

In addition, because of the epidemic impact, users have more time to use their phones to surf social networks, learn about the product will increase. Take advantage of this, along with customers who have used your product to shoot review videos so that customers can feel the real, real product. A review video with compelling comments, the feeling of closeness, authenticity, no PR advertising will help increase sales quickly.

#9. Put tactful seeding tactics

Put tactful seeding tactics

Seeding is increasing the activity of businesses in forums, on online communities as users to aim to convey messages that are beneficial to the brand. Consumers tend to consult with previous customers before making buying decisions.

With good product feedback or lots of people interested in a product, users tend to be more persuasive and make a purchase.

#10. Optimize customer feedback

Optimize customer feedback

Celebrities greatly influence the buying behavior of the vast majority of people, especially young people today.

Put that information on your website or fan page as a testament to the reputation and dissemination to the public. Your product is also from that famous. Make sure you get permission from them first.

Hopefully the above information is useful for businesses when developing their business and marketing strategies during the epidemic. If you have any questions or need support about marketing solutions, do not hesitate to contact us at, or hotline + 84-903-660-047 for advice. Free and experience brand new breakthroughs.

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