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5 methods to speed up the effectiveness of the sales websites during covid-19 crisis

This article will show you what you need to do with your online sales website during this sensitive period. Hopefully, you can continue your business and reach more potential customers with the simple and practical tips below.

#1. Focus on building the brand image

websites during COVID-19 crisis

Opening a sales online website does not seem to be difficult, but to have an effective one and long-lasting in improvement then what you have to do is develop your brand properly.

Look at Bitis’ as an example. Make a glance at the homepage, it is obvious to see that their brand can’t be confused with anyone because it clearly shows the style they are aiming at, what they want to convey, who their targeted customers are and what products they are willing to offer. Building a good brand will help customers immediately remember you when they turn demands on.

The simplest way to think about your brand is to imagine what your brand would be like if it were human. Is it a fun and naughty person? Or calm and reliable? Or could it be friendly and willing to help people? Use the store’s design style, logo, presentation on social networking sites and the unique characteristics of the product to show your brand personality!

#2. Improve social networking channels

websites during COVID-19 crisis

Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or Zalo are efficiently critical links to bring customers to your website.

Building and developing social networks is one of the low-cost methods but still surely be of great help to your business. Hence, your brand must appear on social networking sites if you want to do business in this digital era. Otherwise, your reputation will probably tend to be very low.

In case the number of followers is not having strong growth, you can make a plan to see what you want your social networking site to look like. Think about what you want to appear on the page and find ways to tailor it to fit each channel the best. Remember to never just create one single content and post it onto all the channels you currently have. Instead, you have to think of which kind of work would befit for each channel because not everything that can be posted on Instagram is suitable for posting on Facebook and vice versa. As an example, of course, you can use many other channels to support your sales website.

Maybe some of you still don’t know where to kick off, so consult how your competitors are doing would be surely helpful. You can learn what are their pros and cons and develop on your own. And at the same time consider what they have not done thoroughly then you will be able to find ways to avoid making mistakes like them.

#3. Modify the product image

Are you using images that you also find yourself insufficient to convince customers to buy the product? This is when you take the time to remake them. Whether you are taking photos of your product or using an image from your supplier, you better still do some of the followings to get exquisite photos.

Firstly, check out what other competitors are doing, see what their products look like and visit the websites of your favourite brands to learn from them.
Secondly, plan and design specific concepts for your images and always try to make them similar to each other because building a unified brand is what you are after, don’t you? And the image is one of the factors which makes that so you need to be more mindful of that, too. You may want all product images to use a white backdrop or to decorate with other items to help enhance your product. Please choose the way of expression that best fits the concept you were planing from the beginning.

For those of you using vendor photos, for example, you are dropshipping through Netsale. In the process of selecting product photos, please pay attention to choose the photos that match the concept of the store and remain the consistency. In case the supplier’s image is not able to meet that need, you can import a sample product to take a concept by yourself because dropshipping allows you to simply create an order with just one product.
Finally, you just have to edit photos with some apps and post them. But once you can do these things, why not give a try to upgrade and create videos of your product in detail?

#4. Thrive your email channels

websites during COVID-19 crisis

Email marketing may be considered an old-fashioned way, but the reason it is still used today is the efficiency it brings. Once you have some automated emails installed on your sales website, now is the right time to invest in increasing the number of subscribers to your email channel and creating convincible automated email sequences. Start by reassessing how you are doing to get people to follow your email list. Are you ordering a small box to fill in an email address at the bottom of the website or a pop-up notice for a discount code? One of these two strategies will surely attract more people than the other ways. Think for yourself, what reason would you have to sign up to be notified and apply that way to your store.

Then move on to branding your email. Try to rewrite the content and make it reflect your brand image. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, simply by revising the store’s headline and using the brand colours and the logo are quite enough to successfully convey your brand image.

#5. Maximize your website with SEO

You perhaps have heard a lot about SEO but maybe you don’t comprehensively understand it all and what it can do for your store. In simple terms, if your store has SEO optimization, you will attract a large volume of customers to your store for free thanks to the magic of search tools and engines.

In case you don’t have a lot of money to invest in running ads so optimizing your website is a good way to start a business, build your visitors and collect data.

However, this will take a lot of time, about 2-3 months before you actually see the results. But that does not truly matter at the moment because the current time of social isolation gives you more time to invest in this.

You optimize the site by using keywords in the content on the internet site and product pages. To be able to do this, you have to use keyword search engines. The keyword is not necessarily a single word, it may include 2 or 3 words or maybe even longer. When you search for keywords, you’ll notice a section called a “search volume” that illustrates the average number of times the keyword has been searched for over a given period. If your website is a brand new store, aim for keywords with lower search volumes as this will make it easier for you to rank up higher.

Once you’ve maximized your web page and product page, let start blogging. This is the place that can help you draw up your website. You can use one main keyword and several secondary keywords (phrases that have a lower search volume than the main keyword) on each post.


Do not be discouraged or give up because of the complicated and unpredictable disease situation. Take advantage of this time to retool your sales website instead. As well as plan and take steps to overcome sales enrich during this period and grow strongly in the future.

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