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Customer care strategies during the covid-19 epidemic

If companies want to overcome this slowdown then providing high-quality products maybe not enough yet and the current market situation is very bleak which results in attracting customers more and more difficult. Therefore, businesses should try to retain existing customers rather than trying to attract new customers.

Besides, losing customers means not only losing the profits earned from them at present but also losing the consumers’ willingness to buy in the future. As a result, firms have to innovate and enhance more creative customer care strategies such as these below.

Chiến lược chăm sóc khách hàng mùa covid-19

#1. Extend the value that purchasers receive

Providing extra value to customers. It could be including free shipping, discounts on subsequent purchases, and product donations. This added value is a tactic to increase brand revenue in sales.

Most consumers have the common mentality that they can spend millions on buying a dress or a set of clothes, but behave very annoyed and very “considered” in shipping costs. There are also thousands of users who buy this product to receive deals on the following products. If the enterprise can balance these ranges, do so.
For example, free shipping with orders over 200,000 VND or 50% off when buying the 2nd product within the next 7 days.

Gia tăng giá trị khách hàng nhận được

#2. Thankfulness to loyal customers

Conquering new customers is always more difficult than maintaining old ones. Thus, firms should take advantage that utilizing and fully exploiting customer data that businesses are available because these customers will be a source of “feeding” businesses through the challenging period caused by COVID-19. So, it is a clever move to send to the loyal customers your gratefulness by special offers for them to stimulate purchase.

Tri ân khách hàng thân thiết

#3. Simplify the transaction process

Optimize the transaction process from the ordering step to the payment step. Order easily with a brief procedure, no need to take too many steps or enter too much information. There are many payment methods so that customers can smoothly and safely choose the most appropriate one. Creating trending product packages for customers to capture easily. All of the above helps businesses to raise sales online while providing customers with a great buying experience.

Đơn giản quá trình giao dịch

#4. Create loyal membership groups

Create a loyal membership group with products of the business by special policies for members to attract members and customers who want to join the group. In addition to helping increase sales, long-term customers also help businesses deal competently with communication risks.

Discount policies can be from 10-15% or more and brands can think of special care guidelines for this type of members such as free express delivery, exceptional gifts on special days. Or accumulate annual sales to receive special presents and so on. With such policies, the number of loyal members of the company will be likely to increase, leading to a growth in sales.

Tạo nhóm khách hàng trung thành

#5. Become an expert in your field

How to get customers to put all their trust in the company? Because when successfully achieved those trusts is also the time when the businesses accomplish their upshot in their sector. Hence, become an expert in your sector is necessary to do that.

Train all employees of the organization into educated individuals with knowledge and experience related to the business field. Building the image of leading experts to be able to convince customers that their products and services really benefit them. Letting customers feel a sense of knowledge, practical experience about the products of the company or giving helpful advice at the right time will make them believe in their products.

Trở thành chuyên gia trong lĩnh vực của bạn

#6. Create a customer care community group

Create community groups so customers can share experiences about the product. Thereby enterprises can quickly grasp the needs, customers’ entanglement and take steps to answer and improve products to suit the tastes of customers. Moreover, such groups will also attract potential customers to lure their awareness about products, so companies will have chances to communicate and connect to potential customers.

Tạo group cộng đồng

#7. Enhancing customer consulting hotline experience

Building a team of professional counsellors standing on the 24/7 hotline is something every insitution should have. Customers have many purposes when connecting to a hotline: book an order, buy goods, ask prices, advise how to use it, even complain about the service and staff of the store. Responding to all inquiries and customer feedback is the best way to retain buyers.

Graphicwise hopes that these 7 customer care strategies will be useful for companies and businesses that can apply effectively for this COVID-19 outbreak. Please feel free to contact us for more detailed solutions and supports.

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