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“Do” & “don’t” in covid-19 digital marketing

Over the past few months, the global disease named COVID-19 has affected our daily lives in unexpected ways. Businesses were forced to be closed, people were ordered to do social-distancing at their homes, and the entire economy of the universe is way too strongly impacted. Hence, with a big hit from the Corona virus, companies and organizations have no other choices but to cut down some of their activities. The marketing budget is not exceptional. It is always the first thing companies have to think of whenever there is a crisis. However, there are somethings we can do about it instead of cutting off those marketing programs. For instance, keep an eye on what individuals are searching for and retain customers with thorough marketing strategies are never redundancies. However, firms should come up with suitable and non-misunderstanding plans in order to find new ways to communicate to precious consumers during this desperate periods, so that it is as efficient, consistent and cost-effective as possible.

Here are some “DOs” & “DON’Ts” for entrepreneurs to reassess their digital marketing plans during the Corona pandemic.

Digital Marketing thời kỳ dịch covid-19

#1. Do – Immediately stop all ads with inappropriate messages

Generally, people have always been feeling ads annoying. Unfortunately, it will even be worse if consumers are viewing inappropriate ads. Consequently, brands need to revise all of the advertising campaigns that are kicking off and going to be started as it may no longer befitting and may have negative consequences to companies’ image. For example, for travel and tours firms, sending emails or messages to tell people to leave their residences and hang out for a vacation is truly not a smart decision.

Brands need to understand that this is a time when people are anxiously waiting for important news and information related to COVID-19 which are being concerned the most for their safety. Inessential emails without any valuable information that confuse people are most likely to give customers a poor impression of the sender. Therefore, it is clearheaded to check all messages and advertising campaigns in order to adjust them into suitable messages, contents, locations, and manner of expressions. Thanks to these adjustments, businesses will be able to make appropriate adjustments, to use the right marketing budget for the right people in the current context.

#2. Don’t – Remove all paid ads during this period

When re-evaluating your digital marketing tactics, you should only remove unsuitable ads as mentioned above. It means keeping commercials that you think they are appropriate during such crisis manner. Furthermore, you are likely to have a positive brand’s perception due to your corporate stability during the recession. With a share of mind of brands to consumers in the slowdown, it will typically extend current and possible future sales. An increase in potential sales often leads to an increase in market share as well as a growth in profit.

Instead of putting your foot on the brake pedal to stop things, consider which campaign is the most effective and divert your budget into it. Moreover, this may turn out to be a great chance to show your creative strategy and flexibility. Companies can add some helpful recommendations about the disease into their paid ads if they have reliable sources and are qualified to do so. By that, it will result in attracting more customer’s attention to their commercials in a positive way.

#3. Do – Increase your brand’s presence in owned online communication channels

If your business is affected by COVID-19 and you need to consider the cost of marketing advertising and put more efforts on the combined online media that your business owns such as blogs, websites, emails or SEO. You can redesign those media sites with current trending keywords such as “Coronavirus” in your industry so that viewer will be able to see it at the top results when they are surfing online to search for what they want and stay informed to the disease. Your advertising channels are your landing places where you attract your customers in such highly developing digital media. With various tools supported by Google, Facebook or Twitter, you can stretch out your limited marketing budget by making full use of it. If digital marketing strategies are not set up yet, it is now a very good opportunity to build it up by taking advantage of those online communication channels.

#4. Don’t – Ignore corporate social media just because of a pandemic outbreak

Social platforms play an important role for individuals to keep connecting while physically separated. And the main responsibility of companies, for the time being, is to provide and encourage for the safety and health of their employees and consumers. This will not only give positive encouragement in this scary slowdown but also obviously expand consumers’ awareness and employees’ loyalty. Besides, companies can help people to distinguish between information and misinformation. Misinformation about COVID-19 may negatively impact to community’s anxiety and reaction and even indirectly damage to the brands in some aspects.

#5. Do – Focus on Digital Marketing in the crisis management plan

Covid-19 is the current crisis of all businesses but it is not the end of business opportunity. Even the most famous brands with strongly financial force get partial hit from the disaster of the decade. Therefore, having crisis management plan to respond agilely and flexibly to the slowdown is always worth to be taken into consideration. And if you already have that plan, you should assess to drive it into your digital marketing plan. Pinpointing what ads needs to be revised or removed to enhance your marketing strategy to be more proper and befit to this situation. Apparently, the crisis management plan will surely yield chances to win the campaigns.

#6. Don’t – Be afraid to seek support

Managing media campaigns during the outbreak is equally difficult for everyone. Professional brand communication teams and experienced media crisis management teams would be useful for any circumstance. Hence, you always have to find any possible support to overcome this desperate period of time for the sake of your company. Do not hesitate or feel embarrassed to put your ego aside to seek reinforcement if it is necessary

Moreover, you will get indirect support from your loyal customers in the future if you know how to open engagement with your loyal customers instead of selling your products or services in the meantime. Because this is a time to show your special care that you have for your faithful customers so that they will build more trust in your brand in the future as indirect support.

At Graphicwise, we can help businesses assess all their current marketing efforts, problems that arise, and create an appropriate plan to help businesses not only survive the great crisis. but also have breakthrough experiences that raise brand awareness to bring higher business efficiency.

For more information on Graphicwise’s services, please visit,, or hotline +84-903-660-047 for a free initial consultation, and to experience new ways to promote your business.

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