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7 tips to help brands manage the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis of 2019 / 2020 (COVID-19) will have a strong impact on the global economy in the months and years that will follow. Businesses have to deal with many different situations, and each business will have different ways of handling those challenges. In addition to businesses that produce essential goods or services — which will continue to stay busy and thrive — other businesses are facing the difficult challenge of reduced revenue, losing contracts, losing clients, decreasing sales, and decrease in market demand. While some businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy, some exist only enough to flat.  Others turn RISK into CHANCE, taking advantage of this time to restructure, increase brand recognition, and boost sales.  According to some of the biggest and brightest minds in marketing, a crisis is always a best time to improve a business, given the landscape is ready for more aggressive businesses to carve our their niche, show their

So, what is the key to minimize the impact of COVID-19 on the business? And what are the opportunities for businesses to sow into customers’ minds about their brands?

brands manage the coronavirus crisis

#1. Consolidating brand identity system

The top priority solution for businesses at this stage is to consolidate core identities such as standardizing logos, brand identity, … or investing in media publications such as company profile, product catalog, sales brochure, … These tools help create brand consistency, create trust and increase the reputation of the business in the hearts of customers.

This is also a golden time for businesses to promote outstanding or undeveloped work previously because of the lack of time and resources, for example: website redesign, e-commerce identity, online sales. to expand the new market segment, standardize the business process, develop a business orientation to overcome the pandemic.

Consolidating brand identity system

#2. Don’t just pay attention to sales, focus helping your customers

The most important question of marketers at this stage is not “How can we push sells?” but instead, “How can we support customers more?” Focusing only on profits in the current context will not help the brand of the company make any progress but sometimes cause the opposite reaction.

In this situation, many businesses, especially e-commerce enterprises, media and technology in the world have stepped up their support, showing responsibility to the community and society in combating viruses. The support from your brand is not necessarily by cash. However, donating or providing your services or products to people who need help at this time is a must and it has a great impact for corporate PR.

focus helping your customers

#3. Use topics and keywords to precisely target

COVID-19 is a most important and hot news, that can be affirmed that this is the most current news in the world. Every topic is pandemic-related, people spend more time online than ever before. They read updates every hour, share information and go online to find relevant products to help protect themselves.

This is an opportunity for brands in areas to build closer relationships with consumers.

The use of online data analysis AI tools to determine who is reading the content about COVID-19 and the type of content that is of most interest. Then target audience segments are based on select topics or keywords to create relevant content for more precise targeting.

Use topics and keywords to precisely target

#4. Enhance applications and online content

During the time of social isolation, people must limit communication and entertainment activities. At the same time the need to keep up with the epidemic situation, government policies, local newsletters, etc. almost tie people to online devices most of the time except for sleeping time. So how can businesses fully exploit this?

Take advantage of online marketing channels such as website, Facebook, shopping, learning, online games to reach customers, promote your brand and boost sales. Industries like health, food, fitness – sports, etc., can easily create content that is relevant to attracting customers. For example, videos on how to do simple exercises, foods that increase resistance, and support equipment at home to help them fight the virus. However, other industries can create content associated with products and services that still provide useful information for readers. Or create applications, online courses, intellectual games, online books, … attract downloads and use them during this time.

Enhance applications and online content

#5. Ensure brand safety in advertising messages

In this sensitive time, the message and the content of the advertisement are very important, affecting the business image. In order to avoid creating negative impressions that damage brand reputation, businesses need to analyze market needs and understand customer psychology to select appropriate advertising services, impressive advertising messages as well as enhance business efficiency? Use your intelligence, creativity and sensitivity to reality to evoke customers’ needs and offer compelling content to make the impossible seem possible.

Ensure brand safety in advertising messages

#6. Accompany customers through multi-channel communication

If businesses are facing difficulties such as high market demand but are passive by government policies to prevent viruses, it takes time for the operation to adapt, or difficulties due to sourcce of materials, production facilities closed … it is very important to actively provide information to your customers.

Try  always updating to your clients all information related to the order, including the expected delivery time and the reason for the delay if any. This way the business will minimize the level of dissatisfaction and prevent customers from seeking products from competitors.

To ensure access and respond to orders or resolve complaints, use multi-channel communications (web, email, social networks, phone messages or in-app messaging) to take care of customers. at the same time bring consumers closer to business brands.

Accompany customers through multi-channel communication

#7. Focus and take care of loyal customers

In a time of almost completely isolated society, people are recommended to restrict going out, which promotes e-commerce to grow faster than ever. However, the problem of limiting inventories, increasing production progress, or inadequate internal processes make sales and delivery more difficult.

So instead of trying to get new customers, e-commerce marketers should focus on better responding to existing customers with the highest value/quality of service. These are customers who will stick and spend more to overcome the crisis.

Analyze your customer data and identify your loyal customers. Take a look at your clients behavior and work on forms to target segment your audience and then predict the conversion rates for each group. When you have a full view, you can adjust your engage campaigns accordingly.

Although the current market is relatively bleak, make sure your business will support their customers, keep contact information with them and adjust marketing strategies accordingly. Businesses should take this opportunity to strengthen the image, trust in the minds of customers and prepare for a breakthrough as soon as the market recovers.

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